Closed User Group

Closed User Group

In today’s fast-paced business world, communication is key. To streamline your company’s communication needs, we present our Closed User Group (CUG)
services – a powerful solution designed for businesses seeking simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in their communication systems.

STN Closed User Group (CUG) is an exclusive telecommunication service that allows a defined group of users within an organization to communicate with each other seamlessly. It creates a private network within the existing mobile network, ensuring secure and efficient communication channels for your team.


1. Increased Productivity

2. Cost Savings

3. Enhanced Security

4. Flexibility and Mobility

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Happy clients say

With Swift Telephone Network, calling has been seamless. They've got an amazing team behind the name, and I could never have asked for more dedication to service. With STN our business is covered 24/7.

Convenant Nwaorgu

Business Manager, MyPatricia.co

Not in a million years did I expect you to read my mind, but you did. Thank you for everything – you have really created a fabulous image for our company.

Mrs Blessing

Legal Practitioner

Consummate professionals that are highly knowledgeable and well skilled. We highly recommend STN to anyone looking for a great telecoms company to work with.


Marketing Executive